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Design Options : Children's color spring-summer 2010

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Sweet Dreams, filled with fervent hope. Fiesta Girl, light hearted and joyful. Just two of the "Girlz" trends that begin the journey into exuberant color for Spring / Summer 2010. For "Boyz," the Graphic Tee-Z trendline celebrates old school graffiti. That's for starters. In all, eight color boards for the Children's market, with a quick synopsis of incoming color tendencies.


Check it out
Checking into playful and spirited details. Check it out.
Bright yellow and fluorescent orange hues of make a stand and checkered past give vinyl and unconventional grommets added kitsch. Fire-red tones of fashionable fixation on a checked backdrop of grosgrain satin ribbon soften sharp, metallic edges. Royal blue and green-yellow tints of iconoclast and individualist exude a defiant energy. Checking the elements. Check It Out.

Graphic Tee-Z
Graffiti illustrations of inspiration. Graffic Tee-Z.
Cool blue and pale turquoise tones of calligraphic and eclectic scripture give added texture to smooth surfaces. Lime green and crimson tints of inner city and sidewalk scribble accentuate urban features with a sporty spirit of youth and vitality. Orange and yellow monochromatic variations exude artful contrasts on multi-dimensional surfaces. Graffic details. Graffic Tee-Z.

Happy trails
Light hearted travels with happiness in tow. Happy Trails.
White and light beige tones of lucky charm and beautiful journey resonate with joyous clarity on a backdrop of knit jersey. Khaki and Olive hues of jubilant youth and blissful pursuit create the perfect unison between plaid gingham and plaited yarn. Bright green hues of charmed lad add the perfect touch to patch pockets. Happy voyages of youthful times. Happy Trails.

Surf's up
Perfect tides and rolling waves. Surf's Up.
Brown and turquoise tones of surfboard and foamy water inspire dreams to swim, play and bathe in the surf. Green and yellow shades of ride along a wave and high tide illuminate a backdrop of polished cotton while accentuating smooth, rounded edges. Coral and pink hues suggest a pleasant reminder of sand castles and sunsets. Time to surf. Surf's up.


Fiesta girl
A celebration of eclectic surprises. Fiesta Girl.
Cornflower blue and teal shades of pinata and elaborate holiday mingle festively on a resonating palette of organdie and voile. Intricate embroidery mixed within a cornucopia of tulle and crepe-backed satin, exudes bountiful joy and lightheartedness. Yellow-green and aqua tones of Mardi gras and good cheer are reminiscent of youthful days gone by. A jovial girl. Fiesta Girl.

Furry tails
Soft and delicate essences of perfection. Furry Tails.
Light pale violet and radiant blue hues of dainty and charming create a delightful combination on a blossoming palette of vibrant sateen. Sea green and blushed pink tones of cleverness and coy give added texture and exuberance to fine spun silks. Boucle trim and plaited yarn create perfect unison on a canvas of yellow and subdued hints of green. Fuzzy and furry. Furry Tails.

Global playground
A universal playground of eclectic gatherings. Global Playground.
Royal blue and lime green shades of merry-go-round and ubiquitous give elements of unity and freedom to pima cotton. Brilliant red and pink tones of planetary and worldwide provide added universality to beaded trim. Vivid tints of yellow and orange accentuate intricate details on lush embroidery. A realm of hope. Global Playground.

Sweet dreams
Charming, illusory images existing within. Sweet Dreams.
Pale pink and succulent peach shades of daydream and ambrosia evoke a wistful feeling on wisps of organdy and floral printed percale. Light green and baby blue tones of fervent hope and harmonious wishes give playful backdrops an added touch. Muted purple tints give added luster to canton crepe and georgette. Enchanting and precious. Sweet Dreams.

Courtesy of Design options.

Design Options. The perspective you can't afford to ignore.
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